Is CashApp International? Can You Send Money Anywhere?

Last Updated on April, 2024

“Cash App. Wise. Revolut. PayPal. OFX. WorldRemit. Remitly.. Oh! The list goes on.”

“But, the only thing in my head now is ‘Does Cash App work internationally?”

Did I correctly figure out your point?

Well, the answer to your question is a big ‘NO.’ 

I’ll tell you why. Before that, I know you will have more questions about this. 

If so, don’t worry! I’ve covered everything about Cash App and shared some great alternative options to Cash App, too.

Is CashApp International?

NO!!! CashApp only works for international transactions between the US and UK, not for other countries or currencies.

Alternative options to CashApp for international transactions such as Wise, OFX, WorldRemit, and PayPal are compared.

Wise is presented as the best alternative due to lower fees, transparent exchange rates, and support for multiple currencies and countries.

Does Cash App Work Internationally?

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Cash App account(s) are ONLY for US and UK use. It doesn’t work internationally worldwide.

When opening an account, have a local phone number in one of these countries. International transfers are limited to Cash App accounts in the US or the UK. 

Being a Cash App user, you can use a Cash App to send money between the US and the UK. However, it doesn’t support other countries or currencies. To make cross-border payments, both the sender and the recipient should have a Cash App account(s).

Here’s how it works. If you want to send money from the US to your family in the UK, set up the transfer typically. The app will spontaneously convert the payment using the mid-market exchange rate at the transfer time.

So, your family in the UK will receive British pound funds in their Cash App account.

Can You Send Money Internationally With a Cash App?

Cash App only allows international transfers to other Cash App account(s) in the UK. Currently, it doesn’t support international payments to any other countries.

Have you got it?

Can You Use a Cash App When You’re Overseas?

a person using cash app for money transfer inside US

As I already discussed, Cash App only supports most payments between users in the US or UK. It doesn’t work for international transaction(s).

However, if you have an unrestricted bank account, you can get a Cash Card (debit card) for domestic use in the US. Once upgraded, you can order the card and use it wherever Visa is accepted.

It’s SIMPLE as that!

Cash App Charges

Cash App user(s) get several services with varying fees. Standard transactions are generally free, but there are fees for specific actions. (don’t forget that!)

For instance, if you urgently cash out your balance, there’s a 1.5% fee for a quick transfer to your bank account or connected debit card. Using the Cash App Card comes with fees, too, such as a $2 charge for ATM withdrawals.

Plus, Cash App offers standard and instant OPTIONS when it comes to deposits. Traditional deposits to your bank account are free and take 1 to 3 business days.

On the other hand, instant deposits to your linked debit card have a fee ranging from 0.5% to 1.75% with an average fee of $0.25, and they arrive instantly.

CashApp Alternatives on International Transfers: A Comparison

cashapp alternatives for international money transfer

Remember this! If you want to send or receive money globally and the recipient in the UK doesn’t use the Chase App, you’ll need to EXPLORE other options. Compare Wise, OFX, WordRemit, and PayPal to find the best alternative.

You can consider factors like speed, transparency, ease of use, and cost to decide which service suits your needs.

Cash App may only work for international transfers if both parties have accounts.

Fees and Exchange RatesLow fees and fair or mid-market exchange ratesNo fees, but small markup in exchange ratesFees vary, with markup in exchange rates; 5% transfer fee+ 4% conversion fee5% transfer fee ($0.99 to $4.99) + 4% conversion fee
International Transfer SpeedOver 50% instant, 90% within 24 hoursVaried speeds, instant for some methodsMostly 1 to 2 days, instant for some methodsInstant to PayPal, 1 to 2 days to withdraw to a bank
Countries Available70+ countries, 50+ currencies170 countries, 50+ currencies130+ currenciesGlobal coverage
Transfer LimitsVaries by country, often around 1 million GBPOften no upper limitVaries by country$10 000 to $60 000 for verified accounts
ConvenienceSend payments Online or in-app, multi-lingual supportTransferring money by phone, online, or in-app; English supportOnline, in-app payments, multi-lingual supportOnline or in-app payments, multi-lingual support

However, choosing the BEST alternative to Cash App for international transfers depends on where you send money and how you want it received.

Wise is great for direct bank transfers, offering the mid-market rate, and over 50% of payments are instant. If speed is crucial, especially for someone without a bank account, WorldRemit is a good choice.


Alright, now read the following to know in detail.


wise logo

Here is the first and best deal to save money with transparent fees.

Wise could be the perfect alternative to Cash App if you’re looking for a speedy and cheapest way to send money overseas.


Most affordable options for payments
Clearly visible costs before making a payment
No extra fees added to the exchange rate
More than 50% arrive instantly, and 90% within 24 hours
Available in 70+ countries and 50+ currencies, trusted by 13+ million users
Multi-currency accounts with a Wise debit card


No option for cash payouts
Additional fees can vary based on the destination

GUESS WHAT? Wise is known for its quick and affordable international transfers. It’s trusted by over 13 million individuals and businesses worldwide.

Wise uses the mid-market exchange rate, ensuring transparent and low fees you can quickly check before confirming your transfer. Opening an account online through the Wise app is convenient; bank transfers go directly to accounts.


Next, OFX provides a convenient way to send larger payments in over 50 currencies. You can try this online, through the app, or over the phone.

While there’s usually no transfer fee, a small exchange rate markup applies. This can often be more favorable than banks.

The best deal?

  • Mobile banking service is available 24/7 with a currency exchange broker for personalized assistance.
  • Comprehensive currency options for both personal and business needs.
  • Business customers benefit from multi-currency accounts for seamless international payments.


Personalized phone support for high-value transactions
Extensive coverage of countries and currencies 
Services meeting to both personal and business needs
No transfer fees for most transactions


Payment arrival time varies (1 to 2 days)
Variable exchange rate markups apply

World Remit

WorldRemit is another alternative that is a widely used payment service that allows money transfers online or through their app.

You can receive money from a bank or mobile money account for cash collection in the recipient’s country or as an airtime top-up.


You can set up transfers online or via the app, making it easy and accessible
Offers transfers to over 130 countries, ensuring broad reach
Fast transfers and in some cases even instant
You can pay for your bank transfer using a bank account deposit, credit or debit card
There’s a good range of payout options, including cash collection


Availability of services may differ depending on the destination
There may be additional costs due to exchange rate markups, impacting overall expenses

However, remember that WorldRemit fees are relatively low, and there are often promotional offers for new customers.


PayPal is also one of my favorite OPTIONS and a superb alternative to you. You can use PayPal to send and receive money globally to other PayPal users in various currencies. The recipient can keep the money in PayPal accounts to spend later or withdraw it to their bank.

PayPal is widely used worldwide, so your recipient likely already has an account or can easily create one. You ONLY need their email when sending money, and setting up a PayPal account is free!

PayPal works in most countries, and you can make instant transfers by using a card or your PayPal balance for quicker delivery. It supports payments in different currencies.


Easy, fast payments
Familiar platform, global user base
Instant transfers for some transactions
Free account setup
Multiple currency support


High international fees
Transfer deposited into PayPal accounts


Finally, you can send payments ONLINE through Remitly and choose how the recipient receives them – in cash, home delivery, or a mobile money account.

There are different delivery speeds with varied fees to match your preferences. Fees depend on the destination country and payout method. You can pay EXTRA for faster service or a lower fee with standard delivery.

Remitly provides various payout OPTIONS, including cash, home delivery, or mobile money, giving you flexibility based on your needs and budget.


Provides a simple and easy to use platform for sending money
Has fast transfer options, including express and economy choices
Transparent fee structures, and users can see the exchange rate and fees before confirming the transfer
Can choose between different transfer options based on their urgency and budget


Do not cover as many countries as some other remittance services
Based on the transfer speed and destination, comparatively higher fees 
Limited payment options

Wise’s Benefits Over CashApp

international money transfer with wise banner

Wise, formerly known as ‘TransferWise,’ presents several advantages over Cash App.

Firstly, Wise offers transparent and lower currency conversion fees, making international transaction(s) more cost-effective than Cash App.

Secondly, Wise provides users with a real exchange rate(s), ensuring they receive the actual market value for their currency conversions without hidden markups.

Thirdly, Wise supports a broader range of currencies and countries, making it a PERFECT choice for international payments. Wise’s borderless account allows users to hold and manage money in multiple currencies, facilitating seamless international business or travel.

Lastly, Wise’s commitment to transparency and clear free structures contrasts with Cash App’s sometimes complex fee system, offering users a clearer understanding of their financial transactions.

These factors collectively position Wise as a more efficient and cost-conscious option than Cash App for individuals engaged in international money transfers.

You can learn more about Wise in our honest review.


Now did you understand why I said ‘No’ to your question, “Does Cash App work internationally?”

Great! So, You can use a Cash App to transfer money from the US to the UK or vice versa.

However, if you prefer alternatives to transfer money internationally, I have covered the BEST alternatives as I promised you.

So now, it’s your turn to analyze and pick the most suitable OPTION for you!

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Cash App only works for sending money within the US or UK. If you need to send money internationally, consider alternatives like Wise or Revolut, as they support international transactions.

Yes, Cash App allows conversion between US dollars and British pounds. However, it does not support other currencies.

Cash App can be used to transfer money in Europe only if both the sender and recipient have local phone numbers in the US or UK. For international transfers, alternative services such as Wise, OFX, or WorldRemit must be used.

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