PNC International Wire Transfer: Fees, Limit & Requirements

Last Updated on May, 2024

When you reach the end of this article, you will know everything you have to know about both domestic and international wire transfers at PNC.

PNC Bank is in the top 5 for the highest number of branches in the US. It offers its clients various services. But does this mean the PNC bank wire transfer is the best too?

Let’s find out!

Quick Summary

PNC Bank offers both domestic and international wire transfer services, but there are limitations and fees associated with each method.

Customers will need specific information, such as recipient’s name and account details, to send a wire transfer, and will have to pay fees for the service.

To avoid extra fees, customers can choose specialist international transfer services or use multi-currency accounts from providers like Wise or Revolut. Specific addresses and time frames for wire transfers are also provided.

How to Send a Wire Transfer Through PNC?

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PNC bank allows wire transfers both domestically and internationally. Typically, you can wire money online, by phone, or in person.


Despite an online wire transfer being the easiest, you are only allowed to send wire payments to specific regions.

So, you will have to go to the nearest PNC branch and check if you can send money to transfer online:

  • Sign in to PNC online banking services
  • Check your eligibility for self-service wires

If you are eligible to initiate an online wire transfer, you will see a ‘Transfer funds’ tab. Once you open this tab, select the ‘send a wire or international transfer’ option. You can set up your online PNC wire through this.

Finally, you can follow the instructions to enter details and complete your payment. You can also try to contact a branch to operate it more easily. 

If you find this quite inconvenient, there are more convenient methods you can use to transfer funds. These methods are explained below.

By Phone

Initiating a wire transfer through the phone is the easiest way to make domestic payments. You can call the PNC Wire Transfer Customer Care Centre at 1-800-272-6868. You can request domestic wire transfers from Monday to Friday, 8.30 am – 4.00 pm EST.


Or just simply visit the PNC local branch and initiate your transfer.

You will have to make an appointment in advance and set up your wire transfer. Super Simple!

  • Have all the necessary recipient information in your hands, and head to the nearest PNC Bank Branch.
  • Request for a ‘Wire Transfer Request Form’.
  • Follow the instructions to complete and sign the form.
  • Handover the completed form to the PNC Bank employee initiating your transfer.
  • Make sure to have a copy of the completed form and the ‘Wire Transfer Disclosure Statement’ with you.

Information Required to Make an International Wire Transfer With PNC

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When sending a wire transfer, you must provide specific information.

This includes:

  • Your recipient’s name and mailing address
  • Your recipient’s mail address and contact number for online payments
  • Your recipient’s bank account number and routing information

The above information is what you need for domestic transfers.

Additional information is required for an international wire transfer:

  • International Bank Account Number (IBAN) if available
  • Your recipient’s SWIFT/BIC code
  • Depending on your recipient’s address, a reason for payment will also be required

Being the Recipient of International Wire Transfers 

When you’re on the receiving end of a wire transfer, you will have to pay a fee of USD 15. You will also have to send the information you specified to the sender.

For a domestic wire transfer, you will have to send your:

  • PNC account number
  • PNC wire routing number – 043000096

For an international wire transfer, you will have to send your:

  • PNC account number
  • PNC SWIFT code – PNCCUS33
  • You might also need the reason for the transaction on certain occasions


The SWIFT code is very important as it specifies the location of your recipient’s account. The SWIFT code for PNC customers is PNCCUS33XXX for international transfers.

However, PNC uses various other SWIFT/BIC codes based on your payment type. So, it is better to doubt-check the exact code to be used before sending money.

PNC Wire Transfer Fees

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The cost you incur will be a total of different fees that can vary according to your account type and how you set up your transfer. 

Domestic Transfer Fees

There will be a slight difference in outgoing domestic wire transfer fees based on the method used:

  • Online/Self-service transfer (where applicable) – 25 USD
  • Phone/In-person domestic transfer – 30 USD
  • A fee of 15 USD will be charged for incoming domestic wires

International Wire Transfer Fees

When you send money abroad, the following fees are applicable:

  • Online/Self-service transfer (where applicable) – 40 USD
  • Phone/In person international transfer – 45 USD
  • Live PNC exchange rate markups
  • Incoming international wire transfer fee -15 USD

PNC Exchange Rates

You will have to get the current PNC exchange rates from its branch when you are ready to make a payment. They don’t release their rates for online transfers but include a markup. Once you are told the exchange rates, Google the mid-market rate for your currency, you’ll notice a slight difference in the two rates, which is the exchange rate markup.

Many banks add this rate when offering international payment or foreign currency transfers. It typically is 3%, seemingly not much. However, wiring large amounts does have a significant impact.

For example, if you want to send 1000 USD, the exchange rate markup will be 30 USD. This can be considerable. But if you want to send 50,000 USD the exchange rate markup would be 1500 USD. Now, that will not be that pleasant.

Additional Fee 

Apart from the additional exchange rates, you might also be charged a SWIFT fee when processing the payment. This is a third-party fee. This means that your recipient will receive less than what you sent. Nobody wants that! So, is there a way to avoid the transfer fees? YES!!

How Can International Transfer Fees Be Avoided?

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With all the additional fees and charges you have to deal with, I can see that you are already wondering about better alternatives. Well, we’ve got that covered too!

There are certain ways where you can avoid international transfer fees:

  • You can choose a specialist international transfer service like Wise or OFX.
  • You can use a multi-currency account from specialist providers like Wise and Revolut.
  • A comparison of the rates of different international transfer service providers is done. Feel free to check that too!

PNC Addresses for International Wire Transfers

There are specific details that you need to keep in mind when doing international wire transfers:

  • PNC Bank Address – PNC Bank NA, 222 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19899
  • PNC Routing Number – Varies based on where you opened your account

PNC International Wire Transfer Limits and Policies

Information regarding the limits and policies of PNC wire transfers are not publicly disclosed. To know more information, head to the nearest PNC branch and ask for all necessary information. 

Time Taken for PNC Wire Transfers

  • Domestic Transfer: Typically reaches the recipient within 1- 2 business days.
  • International Transfers: Will take from 2 – 3 business days to process and reach the recipient.
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To know the exact duration of a wire transfer, you should check with your local branch. PNC bank’s daily cut-off time is 6 pm EST. A wire transfer must be initiated within the cut-off time. Transfers initiated after this cut-off time will be completed the next business day.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PNC Wire Transfers


Recipients can receive payment directly to their bank accounts.
Can get help from the nearest branch when needed.
Services are familiar and reliable.
Domestic and international payments can be made in over 25 currencies.


Exchange rate markups are applicable.
Transfer fees are on the expensive side.
An international wire transfer might take up to 5 days to be delivered.

Better Alternatives for PNC

Traditional banks like PNC charge higher for wire transfers and can be slow in processing compared to international money transfer providers. You will also have to have an account before sending money or to receive money.

When considering these factors, opting for a specialised international wire transfer service would be a wiser option. I am sure you are SMART!!

The following table compares the rates of other specialist providers.

ProviderCost IncurredExchange RateTime TakenAvailable Countries
Wise4.17 USD (fixed fee) + 0.49% from transfer amount (variable fee)Midmarket1 – 2 business days75 
OFX9.77 USD standard fee (for transfers under 6514 USD) 0 USD for transfers above 6514 USDMidmarket + markup1 – 4 business days190+
WorldRemit No standard fee disclosed. Use their fee calculator to find fees based on the country you want to send money.Midmarket + markup1 – 2 business days130+

The information in the above table is as of January 2024

If you ask me, my recommendation would be ‘Wise’. Why?

First, Wise has better exchange rates, so it will save money! And your time too! You can do the wire transfer much quicker than in PNC bank. Wise also offers batch payment options. You will be able to make fast payments to around 1000 people.

You will also have no minimum balance requirements or monthly account fees. 80% of the payments will reach the recipients within 24 hours with Wise. So, this makes Wise a smarter option.

But considering the other alternatives, OFX offers transfer services to more than 170 countries and over 55 currencies. There also is no maximum amount limit you can transfer or how often you make transfers.

But, one setback is that you can only make bank-to-bank transfers. You can’t use cash, cards, checks or bank drafts.

Coming to WorldRemit, it is a great option for quick transfers. Almost 90% of its transfers are authorised in minutes. Comparatively, it provides lower fees with transparent pricing and exchange rates.

However, your recipient’s location can affect many things, including the cost, the transfer limit and how your recipient gets the money.

Useful guides:


Yes. An online wire transfer can be done with PNC. But this is only allowed in specific regions. To find out if you can do an online transfer, you will have to check with the nearest PNC bank.

It can take 1 – 2 days for a domestic wire transfer and 1 – 5 days for an international wire transfer.

Yes, the SWIFT code for PNC Bank is PNCCUS33. However, please double-check before making payment as this code may change based on your specific payment.

A domestic wire transfer can be charged from 25 – 30 USD. International wire transfer fees will be around 40 – 45 USD.

The limits of PNC Bank have not been publicly disclosed. To know further information regarding the limits, contact the nearest branch.

To make an international wire transfer you will need your recipient’s information including name, bank account number, mailing address, and contact number. Also, the IBAN, if available along with your recipient’s SWIFT/BIC code and the reason for payment in some cases.


PNC Bank is one of the top banks in the US, providing various services including wire transfers. 

However, it can be expensive and time-consuming. There are alternative options that can help you save money and time. Such recommended specialist international wire transfer service providers can be ‘Wise’ and ‘OFX’.

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