Wells Fargo Cards Foreign Transaction Fees in 2024

Last Updated on June, 2024

If you plan to go abroad with your Wells Fargo card, be prepared for possible fees!

Before your trip, check out this quick guide.

‘WHY?’ Because I’ve openly discussed everything for your benefit.

One is that Wells Fargo charges about 3% for international transactions. But don’t worry – other OPTIONS like Wise and Revolut will save your bugs.

However, if you’re CLUELESS how Wells Fargo compares to others, you will learn everything, as I’ve discussed in detail.

So, READ my piece before it’s too late!

A Quick Summary on Wells Fargo Foreign Transaction Fees

  • Wells Fargo charges a 3% foreign transaction fee for using their cards in non-USD currencies.
  • Wells Fargo cards (mainly Visa) are accepted globally, but check for Visa/Mastercard acceptance symbols.
  • Fees at Wells Fargo are similar to those of other central banks like Chase, but alternatives like Wise and Revolut may offer lower costs.
  • Wells Fargo debit and credit cards have withdrawal fees, while Wise and Revolut offer foreign transaction fee-free initial withdrawals.
  • Prefer local cash to avoid international ATM fees and unfavorable exchange rates. But Wise and Revolut offer mid-market rates.
  • Be aware of your card’s terms, avoid credit card cash withdrawal, pay in local cash, and consider specialist services like Wise or Revolut for better rates.

Wells Fargo Card International Fees

wells fargo logo

Listen to using your Wells Fargo card when traveling abroad. You must be aware of potential international fees to manage your finances wisely.

Wells Fargo typically charges foreign transaction fees for purchases outside the United States. These fees are a percentage of the transaction amount and may apply to in-person and online transactions.

Plus, ATM cash withdrawals in foreign countries may charge additional fees. You should check your Wells Fargo card’s specific terms and conditions to learn the exact fees applicable to international use.

GUESS WHAT? Being informed about these fees in advance helps you plan your expenses efficiently and avoid unexpected costs while traveling or making international transactions.

Remember, when it comes to Wells Fargo cards, it’s worth exploring to find the one that best suits your international spending requirements.

Wells Fargo Cards Foreign Transaction Fees (Debit and Credit)

Foreign transaction fees apply when you use Wells Fargo cards in a currency other than USD. This pertains to both credit and debit card transactions unless you have a travel-specific card that may reject these fees.

Here are the foreign transaction fees for Wells Fargo debit cards and Wells Fargo Active Cash credit cards:

  • Wells Fargo debit card: 3%
  • Wells Fargo Active Cash credit card: 3%

However, it’s important to note that these fees are not the ONLY COSTS you will face when making international transactions with Wells Fargo.

Other providers, such as Chase, charge a 3% foreign transaction fee. In contrast, Wise and Revolut do not apply any foreign transaction fees.

Can I Use My Wells Fargo Card Internationally?

a screenshot of the wells fargo active cash credit card

Yes. Because Wells Fargo provides a debit card mostly on the Visa network and offers various credit card options, mainly on Visa with one on Mastercard. Both Visa and Mastercard are acceptable worldwide, making them convenient for international use.

However, using Wells Fargo cards abroad will charge additional fees. If you’re a Wells Fargo customer, you can use your cards internationally, but check the network symbol (Visa or Mastercard) for merchant acceptance. 

Keep in mind:

  • Use chip cards or contactless payments. Some overseas merchants may need help to support swipe payments.
  • Ensure you have a 4-digit PIN if you still need to set one up at a Wells Fargo branch before your trip.

And, if you have the question, ‘Can I use Wells Fargo Card Internationally Online?’ Yes, again! You can use a Wells Fargo card for online transactions internationally, as it is generally accepted by most online merchants worldwide.

However, be aware of potential foreign transaction fees, typically around 3% of the transaction amount, depending on your specific card.

Does Wells Fargo Charge Foreign Transaction Fees?

Yes. As I said before, when using your Wells Fargo card for international purchases, you will face foreign transaction fees, typically around 3%. However, the specific fees depend on your Wells Fargo card.

Wells Fargo Debit Card Foreign Transactions

Transaction TypeFee
Withdrawal at Non-Wells Fargo ATM Overseas$5+ additional ATM fees
International Purchase Transaction Fee3% of the purchase amount
Over the Counter Debit Card Cash Disbursement Internationally3% of the amount

Wells Fargo Credit Card Foreign Transaction Fees (Wells Fargo Active Cash)

user interface of wells fargo via laptop device
Fee TypeFee
Annual FeeNo annual fee
APR0% Introductory rate, then variable APR of 15.74% – 25.74%
Foreign Transaction Fee3%

Wells Fargo Reflect

Fee TypeFee
Annual feeNo annual fee
APR0% APR Introductory rate, which is followed by variable APR of 13.74% – 25.74%
Foreign Transaction Fee3%

Note: To avoid these fees, consider using digital banking solutions like Wise and Revolut, which offer international money transfer services without charging foreign transaction fees.

Wells Fargo Cards Alternatives

wells fargo alternatives

I have compared Wells Fargo and Chase for international fees on credit cards, debit cards, and Wells Fargo checking account(s). The costs are pretty similar between the two big banks.

While central bank(s) offer a wide range of services, they may have higher international transaction fees than specialized providers like Wise and Revolut.

The Wells Fargo Active Cash Card and the Cash Freedom Unlimited Card have comparable international fees. However, Wise and Revolut use different approaches, potentially resulting in lower overall costs and more transparency.

Check out the table below and also see how it compares when it comes to International Fees.

Service/FeeWells FargoChaseWiseRevolut
Available Card TypeDebit and credit cardDebit and credit cardWise debit cardRevolut debit card
Annual Fees/Card OrderNo annual feeCredit cards available from $0 to $550+ annual fee
No annual fees for a debit card
No annual fee, $9 card order feeNo fee
Account Maintenance FeeMaintenance fees to check accounts (varies by account)Maintenance fees to check accounts (varies by account)No fee$0 – $16.99 per month
International Transaction Fee3%3% where appliedYou’re free to spend any currency you have in your account 
(40+ supported currencies)
You’re free to spend any currency you have in your account 
(25+ supported currencies)
International ATM WithdrawalsCredit cards – $10 or 5% cash advance fees applies
$5 – debit card
Credit cards – $10 or 5% cash advance fees applies
$5 – debit card
2 withdrawals up to $100 in value free
After that 2%+ $1.5
No fees applied up to $1,200 per month
After that 2%
Exchange RateVisa/Mastercard rate for card spending
International money transfer rates include a markup
Visa/Mastercard rate for card spending
International money transfer rates include a markup
Mid-market exchange rateMid-market exchange rate to account limits
International Money TransferNo foreign transaction fee for online and mobile payments
$35 for branch or phone payments
Online and mobile payments – $5 for payments under $5000 rejected above that amount
$50 for branch or phone payments
From 0.43%International Transfers of $200 or greater will charge a fee of up to 5% on the transaction amount
International transfers less than $200 will charge a fee of up to $10, depending on the amount of transfer

Here’s a detailed view:

chase money transfer logo
wise money transfer
revolut money transfer logo


  • Travel spending with rewards.
  • Debit cards have a 3% foreign exchange fee; credit cards vary with potential foreign transaction fees, annual charges, and interest.
  • Chase is a well-regulated international bank. So, it’s safe, too.
  • Some Chase travel credit cards have foreign transaction fees but may have an annual fee.


  • Low-cost currency conversions, digital accounts with 40+ currencies, and no ongoing fees.
  • Currency conversion fees from 0.43% with the mid-market exchange rates.
  • Wise is fully regulated, and you can manage your card in the Wise app.


  • Account plans with high no-fee international ATM withdrawals.
  • No ATM fees up to $1200 per month, mid-market rate currency conversion to plan limits.
  • Revolut cards can be managed in the app, and Revolut is licensed in various countries.
  • The standard plan offers good international options with no fees, including holding 25 currencies and no fees on international withdrawals and currency conversion up to certain limits.

Wise Cards Benefits Over Wells Fargo Cards

Wise offers several benefits over Wells Fargo for international travelers. First, Wise provides a multi-currency account with a linked debit card, allowing users to hold and convert currencies at the mid-market applicable exchange rate. This helps AVOID hidden costs and exchange rate markups.

Wise also emphasizes payment transparency. While Wells Fargo imposes various fees on foreign transactions, Wise’s debit card has no foreign transaction fees. This can save travelers money, especially with frequent international spending.

Moreover, Wise encourages users to pay in local currency when using ATMs abroad to ensure favorable exchange rates. On the other hand, Wells Fargo may charge fees to withdraw money from international non-Wells Fargo ATMs.

So, Wise stands out with its transparent structure, no foreign transaction fees, and convenient multi-currency account, making it a more cost-effective and user-friendly option for international travelers compared to Wells Fargo. 

Wells Fargo International ATM Fees

pictures of a wells fargo atm
Card TypeATM Withdrawal FeeATM Inquiry FeeATM Operator Fee
Wells Fargo Debit Cards$5$2.5 balance inquiryVaries by country and ATM
Wells Fargo Active Cash Credit Card$10 or 5% cash advance fee + interestNot availableVaries by country and ATM
Chase Credit Cards$10 or 5% cash advance feeN/AN/A
Chase Debit Cards$5N/AN/A
Wise CardFirst 2 withdrawals (up to $100 each) freeSubsequent withdrawals 2%+ $1.5 feeN/A
Revolut CardFirst $1,200 per month
No fee
After $1,200, 2% feeN/A

Note: All cards may have an additional 3% foreign transaction fee.

Wells Fargo Card Exchange Rate

When using Wells Fargo for foreign currency services, like sending a wire or cashing a foreign check, you’ll get their exchange rate, which is usually less favorable than rates on Google or currency converters.

And, if you use a Wells Fargo for spending, the exchange rate is set by Visa or Mastercard, which is generally considered fair. But be aware that the rate you see is when the payment is processed, not when you make debit card purchases.

A foreign transaction fee, typically around a 3% balance, also increases your overall costs. Plus, BEWARE of dynamic currency conversion (DCC), where merchants offer to charge you in USD. Go for paying in the local currency to avoid surprise fees and get a better rate.

However, alternative providers offer better OPTIONS:

  • Chase provides Visa/Mastercard rates for card spending but has a markup on international money transfers.
  • Wise offers the mid-market exchange rate.
  • Revolut provides the mid-market exchange rate up to account limits.

Wells Fargo Foreign Transaction Limits

Wells Fargo debit and credit cards have specific limits depending on the card type. For debit cards, check your online banking for applicable limits.

Credit card holders can find limits in the card terms and conditions. When making an ATM withdrawal, note that the ATM operator may have lower limits than your bank.

Wells Fargo International ATM Withdrawal Limits

Wells Fargo’s international ATM withdrawal limits depend on your account and card and vary based on your available balance. Your withdrawal limits and purchase limits are provided when your card is issued. You can manage these limits on the Wells Fargo website or app or by calling the number on your card.

For other providers:

  • Chase: $500 daily limit.
  • Wise: The daily default limit is $250, with a minimum of $1000. The monthly default limit is $1500, with a maximum of $6000.
  • Revolut: Daily limit of $550 and weekly limit of £1050 for accounts opened within 120 days. For accounts older than 120 days, the daily limit is $1050, and the weekly limit is $1750.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) of Wells Fargo

Listen, when using your debit card at a foreign ATM, go for the local cash instead of U.S. dollars if given the choice.

Choosing U.S. dollars means the exchange rate will be set by the ATM provider or bank, not the card network, and it’s likely to be unfavorable. ALWAYS go for the local cash at ATMs for the best exchange rate. Also, remember to check Wells Fargo’s exchange rate before your travels.

How to Avoid Foreign Transaction Fees?

a screenshot of the foreign exchange in wells fargo website

When making international transactions, you will face some fees.

However, to understand and minimize these costs:

  • Check your card’s terms for international ATM and foreign transaction fees.
  • Avoid using a credit card for cash withdrawals, as extra fees are high and interest applies immediately.
  • Be CAUTIOUS of additional fees from ATM operators. They’re usually displayed before confirming a withdrawal.
  • Always pay in the local cash to avoid high Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) costs.
  • Check your network’s exchange rate online to know what to expect.
  • Consider using a specialist service like Wise or Revolut for transparent fees and better exchange rates.

Few Tips When Using ATMs and Paying By Card While Abroad

TRUST ME. My tips, such as using ATMs and paying by card while abroad, will benefit you. 

So, keep reading! Before you travel:

  • Inform your bank to avoid issues with your card.
  • Take a spare card and keep it separate.
  • Make sure you know how to contact Wells Fargo while abroad.

Use a 4-digit PIN for safer transactions abroad. Avoid currency exchange at the airport, as rates are usually unfavorable. As I said, be aware of ATM fees; cancel and find another if needed.

Adapt to local payment methods, as not all places accept cards. Carry cash when necessary, especially in places like Germany. Use an online cash converter if you’re unsure of prices.

Please make the most of your Wells Fargo card by understanding its usage details. Focus on enjoying your trip and knowing how to handle your finances abroad.

Useful guides:


If you ask me whether to prefer Wells Fargo or alternatives, I will tell you to consider Wise and Revolut to save your bugs. 

However, I cannot force you to stick to my choice. So, if your eyes are still open to the benefits of the Wells Fargo Card, apart from its international fee, list out why you prefer it and read it.

If it’s convincing, choose that option without having a second thought. Because, as I promised you, I’ve covered everything, and it’s your turn now!


To inform Wells Fargo about your travel plans, activate international usage for your card through your online banking service.

To determine if you need to incur foreign transaction fees, simply refer to the terms and conditions of your card or account. These documents will outline any applicable foreign transaction fees that may be charged to your account.

Yes, it is possible to use your Wells Fargo card for international transactions. Wells Fargo cards are accepted internationally wherever the card’s network is recognized.

The exchange rate used by Wells Fargo for international transactions is typically determined by the card network, such as Visa or Mastercard. This rate may vary from the market rate due to currency conversion fees.

To dispute a foreign transaction fee on your Wells Fargo statement, promptly contact customer service and provide details about the transaction. They will assist you in reviewing and resolving the matter.

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