Wise Limits: Everything You Need to Know About in 2024

Last Updated on July, 2024

Wise money transfer service has its benefits and limitations despite being one of the best in the world. Of course, you need to know its limits to get the most out of it without any inconvenience.

You need to keep different types of limits in mind when using Wise. There are spending, cards, and even limits on how much money you can send and receive in your account.

This post will dive deeper and discuss all these wise limits in detail for your thorough knowledge and guidance about What Wise has to offer.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Quick Summary

Wise has different types of limits for their money transfer service to protect against fraud and manage costs while still offering competitive rates.

There are limits on how much money can be sent and received in Wise accounts, as well as limits on the amount that can be spent or withdrawn with a Wise card.

These limits can vary depending on the currency and location of the user, as well as the type of Wise account (personal or business) and the payment method used. Users can check and adjust their limits through the Wise app or website.

Is There a Limit on Wise Account?

wise online money transfer

Wise transfer limits prevent fraud and assist their customers. With these transfer limits, they can authorize legitimate transactions through their system. 

Moreover, these limits also help the system to keep the costs under check so Wise can continue to offer quality transfer services at highly competitive rates. At first, these restrictions might seem like a pain in the neck. But in reality, these limitations give you more control over your money. 

Of course, if you know exactly how much you can send or receive in one go, you can manage your finances effectively. It will also help you keep track of transfer charges and transparent fees. 

You should read this review if you want to learn more about Wise platform.

Wise Transfer Limits 

Account TypeTransfer Limits 
Wise Personal Account$1,000,000 when paying via bank transfer$50,000 every 24 hours up to $250,000 in 60 days via ACH$2,000 every 24 hours and $8,000 every 7 days via card
Wise Business Account$1,000,000 when paying via bank transfer$400,000 every 24 hours up to $250,000 in 60 days via ACH$2,000 every 24 hours and $8,000 every 7 days via card

If you are in the U.S. and are using Wise from one of their licensed states or if you are outside the U.S. (excluding U.S. territories), you can send payments using Wise as per the following details: 

Instead, if you live in Nevada, American Samoa, and Mariana Islands or have an associated Wise account, then you can send: 

  • $50,000 per transfer
  • $250,000 within a year
  • $10,000 daily by ACH

These numbers can vary depending on the currency you use to send or receive money and the payment type. Whether you have a personal account or a business account can also influence it. 

If you are unsure about the limits to your Wise account, contact customer support. You will have all the details you need about your account in just a moment. 

Your Destination CurrencyTransfer Limits
USDUp to 1 million American dollars for local transfers Up to 1.6 million American dollars for SWIFT transfers
AUSUp to 1.5 million Australian Dollars
GBPUp to 5 million Pounds
EURUp to 6 million Euros
CADUnlimited bank transfers

Wise Account Limits on Sending & Receiving Money in USD Balance

international money transfers with wise

People in the U.S. can open Wise accounts as a business or individual customer. They can also transact in over 40 currencies and open local accounts in more than 10 currencies for receiving payments. 

With all this, you can have a linked Wise card with its own limits (we’ll talk about them in a bit). But to keep you and your money safe, Wise has placed a few limits. Whether local transfer, bank transfer, or any other payment type, you can conveniently use Wise to receive money and hold money securely. 

Wise is also very transparent about its transfer fees. To get the full value out of Wise, you must open an account online or use the Wise app. Let’s look at what personal limits you will have to deal with when sending and receiving money in USD balance personal accounts and bank details of the receivers. 

You can send payments of up to $6 million if you hold a USD currency balance in your Wise Account. Different personal limits apply if you are using SWIFT transfer or local transfer. But Wise will let you know if you have reached your limit on a payment. 

Some limits apply if your account begins with “026.” Receiving money through Wise is normally free. But there’s an exception of a $4.14 fee per transaction for receiving wire transfers in USD. Instead, you can ask the sender to send using ACH, which will be free of cost.

For such accounts, the Wise transfer limit won’t apply if you go for “Add USD” while adding funds to your Wise Account or even when converting from another currency balance in your Wise. However, no limits apply on how much you can receive in your account (routing number starting 084).

Wise PersonalWise Business
$ Limit per day and transaction$20 million$30 million
$ Limit per rolling 365 days a year$35 million$50 million

Wise Card Limits

a screenshot of the currencies that are supported in wise

You can also have your Wise international debit card with your account. You can use it to make payments/withdrawals in over 170 countries across the globe.

This card costs $9, and you can withdraw $100 a month from the ATM at any time without any charges. Afterward, the charges will be $0.5 per withdrawal. 

The withdrawal rate of $120 will be applicable, and you can use it as a payment gateway in Google Pay and Apple Pay. This card supports payments, including Chip and PIN, magnetic stripe, online payment, ATM withdrawal, and Samsung/Apple/Google Pay. 

Each of these payments has different limits. Let’s have a look at these limits Wise offers on both individual and business cards, 

Card Limits for Individuals

Transaction TypeSingle Payment Wise Card LimitsDaily Wise Card LimitsMonthly Wise Card Limits
Transaction typeDefault limitMax limitDefault limitMax limitDefault limitMax limit
Chip & PIN$1,000$2,000$1,000$2,000$5,000$15,000
Magnetic stripe$1,000$1,500$1,000$1,500$1,500$6,000
Samsung/Apple/Google Pay$200$400$500$1,000$1,500$4,000
Online payment$1,000$2,000$1,000$2,000$1,500$6,000
ATM withdrawal $250$1,000$250$1,000$1,500$6,000

Wise Card Limits for Business Customers

Transaction TypeSingle Payment LimitsDaily LimitsMonthly Limits
Transaction typeDefault limitMax limitDefault limitMax limitDefault limitMax limit
Chip & PIN$4,000$15,000$4,000$15,000$15,000$45,000
Magnetic stripe$500$2,000$600$2,000$2,000$8,000
SamsungApple/Google Pay$1,000$1,000$1.00$1,500$6,000$6,000
Online payment$1,500$15,000$1,500$15,000$3,000$45,000
ATM withdrawal $1,500$1,500$2,000$2,000$4,500$6,000

Checking & Changing Wise Card Limits

a man putting a wise debit card inside his shirt pocket

If you don’t know how much of the Wise transfer limit you have consumed or what limits apply, you can conveniently check using your Wise app or Wise desktop site. 

Whether you are using the Wise app or desktop site, here are the steps to follow when checking your limits: 

  • Log in to your account and go to the Card tab in the Wise app or the site. 
  • Tap/click on Limits and choose the spending limit that you want to see for your card. 
  • You will see all the limits that apply to your account and how much you can still withdraw or spend. The screen will also show you when each of these limits will reset. 

Now, if you want to change the spending limits on your Wise card, here are the steps you need to follow. You can do this through the Wise app or Wise website as well:

  • Log into your account and click or tap on the Card tab in the Wise app or their site. 
  • Tap/click on Limits and choose the spending limit for the card you want to alter. 
  • Click or tap the button at the bottom to alter the default or max limit. 

Wise Card Spending Limits

Of course, there are limits on how much you can spend using your Wise card and how much you can withdraw. 

There is a monthly limit for all Wise cardholders, which resets on the 1st of every month. Daily limits are there as well, and these limits reset at midnight. If you’re not a U.S. cardholder, your daily and monthly limits are the same, and you can also change them. 

If you have moved to another country and registered another address in your account, your limits will automatically update according to your new country of residence. 

Country-Wise Spending Limits (Individuals)

CountryMonthly spending limitMonthly ATM withdrawal limit
UKGBP 30,000GBP 4,000
SingaporeSGD 30,000SGD 7,000
PhilippinesPHP 2,000,000PHP 275,000
New ZealandNZD 52,500NZD 7,000
MalaysiaMYR 170,000MYR 23,000
JapanJPY 4,000,000JPY 530,000
EUEUR 30,000EUR 4,000
CanadaCAD 55,000CAD 7,000
BrazilBRL 120,000BRL 20,000
AustraliaAUD 52,500AUD 7,000
  • Check the “Wise Card Limits” table above for individuals and businesses for U.S.-based Wise cards.
  • If your Wise card was issued in Japan, you can’t spend/send payments of more than 1,000,000 Japanese Yen apart from the above limits.
  • You can’t spend/send more than SGD 30,000 payment for Singapore-based Wise cards in 1 year. 
  • Apart from the above limits, you can’t spend more than PHP 480,000 in a single transaction (including regular purchases) for Wise cards issued in the Philippines.

For businesses and teams, the monthly limits and ATM withdrawal limits are slightly different: 

Country-Wise Spending Limits (For Businesses)

a screenshot of the wise business account option
CountryMonthly spending limitMonthly ATM withdrawal limit
AustraliaAUD 78,750AUD 7,000
CanadaCAD 82,500CAD 7,000
EUEUR 45,000EUR 4,000
JapanJPY 6,000,000JPY 530,000
New ZealandNZD 78,750NZD 7,000
SingaporeSGD 78,750SGD 7,000
UKGBP 45,000GBP 4,000
If your card was issued in Japan, you can’t spend over 1,000,000 JPY in one transaction besides the above limits. 

Wise Card Limits on Receiving

All Wise cards (excluding the Japan and U.S.-issued cards) can receive your money, but there are also some limits (based on the currency). 

If you receive payments in USD or other foreign currency, including SGD, SEK, RON, PLN, NZD, NOK, MYR, MXN, JPY, ILS, HUF, HKD, GBP, EUR, DKK, CZK, CHF, CAD, BGN, and AUD, following limits are always in place: 

  • EUR 4,000 per transaction and daily.
  • EUR 20,000 per month. 

If you receive an international transfer (regardless of payment type) in any other currencies available in your Wise account, with the following limits: 

  • EUR 300 per transaction.
  • EUR 500 per day.
  • EUR 1000 per month.

Final Thoughts on Wise Limits

Wise can’t be your best option if you’re looking for the cheapest international payment services. However, the increased fees can be considered a trade-in for safety, security, and better control over your funds. 

Moreover, Wise doesn’t rate currencies for profit. Wise has some limits for its users, varying depending on the currency and the transaction type. 

Wise cards and account limits are there to assist users in keeping their money safe and secure. These limits also put the users in charge of their own money and any costs associated with making online money transfers. 

Based on your Wise account type, there might be no limit on how much money you can hold or receive in your Wise account (Go Wise!). 

Some limits are in place, usually higher, so you can safely make larger Wise money transfers. These limits can also vary based on whether you are an individual or a business and your selected payment type, such as online payment, Google Pay, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Wise limits vary based on payment type, account status (local or international, registered or unregistered), and transaction type. There are limits on outbound transfers and spending using your card, as well as inbound receiving and holding of funds in your Wise account.

Yes, you can change your Wise limits for local and international payments by using the Wise app or visiting the Wise website.

To change your Wise transfer limits, log into your account through the Wise app or website and navigate to the Card tab. From there, select the Limits option and choose the limit you wish to change. Next, select “Change your limits” and enter your desired limits before saving your changes. If you are a U.S. cardholder, you also have the option to select “max limits” or “default limits” instead of entering specific limits.

Yes, you can receive large amounts in your Wise Account. However, Wise may ask you some questions before proceeding with the transfer. You will need to disclose your relationship with the sender or the purpose of the payment.

Yes, Wise has conversion limits for daily money transfers between different balances. Personal users are allowed up to 15 conversions per day, while business users can convert up to 75 times daily.

That might be a bit tricky. You must sign up for your Wise account and select a payment type. Afterward, you must leave your Wise Wallet and complete the transaction via a payment gateway. 

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